Saturday, December 31, 2011

Salt in our blood

Where your at can you feel pain? Can you see the hurt that's left in this world? Do you see things I don't?

At this time I'm at a loss of words that usually have little to no comfort for my wondering mind. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. What do I do? I wish their was a guide book for grief but sadly there is nothing to mend this broken heart.

I see a lot of others who are close to other cfers and honestly I'm doubting my strength and determination to bond with these cysters and fibros. Nothing can prepare us for the loss of our brothers and sisters in war.

We all fight this disease we are a group of determined soldiers who are prepared to fight for the end in many ways we were born to fight it comes with the territory of cf...the salt in our blood is a true tell of the strength we have. Nonsense to most but to me I feel like that's what we were made for...for fighting and testing the boundaries and limitations.

When we are called to war we give it hell every time and when it's our time to look our fate in the eyes we do it with such honor and pride others should be amazed but anyone who know us and our hearts and our determination it's nothing new to them. It's just us doing our war dance. Preparing for exactly what we were made of...given them hell

So I think in times when words are cheap go by the action and do exactly what we were born to do...fight. It's all we know how to do and we do it well.

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