Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is war

Cystic fibrosis rules my world that is no exaggeration or white lie.

It rules and controls every aspect of my world.

I try to show it who is the boss and I try to pull the famous "because I said so that's why" but it calls my bluff. It has grown stronger then me

Their once was a time when I was the boss and I ruled our world but like many things it got an attitude of its own and more importantly a mind of its own and when we were battling head to head for control it showed me its power and much to my surprise I caved and I let it win. I let it have the upper hand and ever since then we constantly go to war and at one point I was the leader for a short time. It waited and it saw my weakness and it attacked and with little support I gave in.

I train regularly preparing myself for our next big show down and I know one day I will win the battle and the war.

Cystic fibrosis you better watch your back cause I'm coming after you.

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