Monday, December 12, 2011

Making memories

It seems like we're loosing so many strong fighters in our community. And right now this is a time to grieve our losses and pay respect to those who have gotten there wings; we all do it differently while some take time away from Facebook and emails while some just celebrate the times they shared and reflect on the friendship that once was.

If this tells me anything about life it seems like it all ends to's not long before where standing reminiscing about the things we should of could of done. One thing I enjoy doing is making memories and you never know when your making a good one.

I'm not sure if I shared the news with anyone but Matthew and I bought a home...with wheels on it! We decided we wanted to travel and this is the time in our lives to do it. We have had this vacation planned for months and it couldn't of came at a better time...I needed a vacation after loosing Hannah and Spencer. No I didn't know them personally but I feel the loss and it weighs heavy on my heart none the less.

So Matt and I are on the road just the two of us making those memories. We're going to pismo beach hearst castle and ending the trip in solvang. It's our vacation. It's our time and I know it will be memories that will last a life time.

Wish us luck and safe travels. Wish us time to bond and become closer then we already are but most Of all send us peaceful thoughts.

Peace love and hello kitty

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