Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I was a young girl I dreamed just great dreams...many dreams like most children dream. They always were changing constintly. Always a bigger and better dream then before. I once dreamed to be the best woman's rock climber and everyone would ask me what pushed me to be so great and I always stood tall and said CF was something I was born with and even though it has caused some bumps in the road I'm stronger then cf.

After that I wanted to travel and study in Australia. Going places by myself and being an educated person despite my disease.

My greatest ambition came later...wanting what I knew was imposibible. A family. 2 babies and a home and this was my greatest goal on life. But reality sank in and I realized the risks and even tho I accepted the possibilities I was never okay with loosing a child or leaving my child due to my health.

My dreams now are small and less ambitions but they are my dreams my thoughts and even if I never complete the things I always wanted to I hold strong to the hope that others can do it despite Cf or any disability

My dreams are small and humble compared to what they once were. I once was able to concour anything but now I feel weak and choose my battles much more cafefully.

I accept the things I cannot do and am thankful for the things I can still do. " Different but not less" - Temple Grandin

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